TF4 EP#16 Part 1 - No More Best Friends

Where the heck is Kara? Oh yeah, on vacation!! Leaving the other 3 to fend for them self’s to do a show without her!

They pulled it off, obviously, but it wasn’t a easy one!

This week we slapped together a 2 part episode covering a few scattered topics. As always, we talk about whatever we want. So enjoy that part.

We also put a little area in this episode for a “advisement” EVEN THOUGH we dont have anyone sponsoring us yet, we are still trying to make a bit of money here and there.

We have decided to make a patreon and a redbubble which will allow you pledge money to help us monthly or purchase a amazing logo sticker to slap on anything you’d like.

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Thanks for the support and enjoy!

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Vaux W. Adams