TF4 EP#15 - "Tops" Game Night

The last episode in April? Where did the time go? How is it almost freaking May 2018?? So many questions and yet no answers!

Today we end April on a fun note, playing some games based around the "Tops"

The top 4 songs from the past few years in a 8-bit challenge and a game about the top 20 tv shows of all time!

All of this was inspired by the Gameinformer April issue where they count down the top 300 games of all time! As you will hear Vaux and Mark speak about briefly at the end of the episode. So sit back relax and play along with us!

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We started the episode off with a classic song "Let's Groove" by Earth Wind and Fire and as you could guess... we don't own the rights to this. It was just a great song to start the show with!

Also if you're in need of music for a project you're working on check out where we got the intro and outro music for all of our episodes!


Vaux W. Adams