First blog post?

Hi everyone!

First I just want to say thanks for clicking around on the website more than once to get to this page from the "listen" page... I know you were there before here right?

This isn't technically the first blog post, but unfortunately for you this will be the first you see from now on.

I had others posted here but there was a issue with the sizing of pictures and stuff that was attached, so I just decided to scrap them and start over.

I want to start posting here on a regular to help drive traffic to the site or at least attempt to. As of today, which is the 6th of July 2018, I have been chugging away at getting more youtube videos together so that we can start to grow that side of the audience as well.

For those who are a long time listener, all 25 shows at this point, I know you are probably sick of hearing that. But I really would like to grow more as we enter the second half of the year that we are doing this. We have people literally giving us money and I feel like there should be more than the website to listen to the show. So I will hopefully be pushing for the project to get done by the end of summer and keep up with it as well.

Speaking of the advertising side of things, we are looking for people to help us in anyway possible to continue to grow.

1. Checking out our Facebook page

2. Leaving us a review on either Facebook or Itunes

3. Becoming a Patron on our Patreon

I also want to be clear about the patreon thing. We will be using any money that we gather from that to help either get new equipment or run advertisements on Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Last but not least, if you are a business owner and would be willing to support a small but growing podcast, you should shoot us a email at and we can talk from there. Anything helps, even just a like on the Facebook!

We have lots planned still, thank you for the support.


Vaux W. Adams