Guests Wanted

It’s been close to a month since the last time I posted. Alot has happened too. Natasha and I moved into a house, built a new studio area, got our equipment together and even got a few episodes recorded as well. Which brings me to the point of the post, which you know due to the title. We are currently looking for guests on the show. We have the equipment and the space for it now and would love to get people together to come and chat and argue with us.

Rules are simple too! You just have to be a active listener to the show to get on… well, unless you’re famous or sponsor us then that’s a different story. Regardless we are approaching 50 episodes and have only had 2 guests and we want to change it!

Shoot us a email or message if you are interested in joining the table for a show and we will figure something out from there!

Thanks for the support!


Vaux W. Adams
Vaux, The Lone Blogger

Not that anyone really reads this page, I just still feel so alone! I am the only one posting blog posts!

If you'd like to see blog posts from someone else be sure to head over to our Facebook page and message us telling us how much you want to see a blog post from someone else besides me!


Vaux W. Adams
Natasha's Crazy Neighbors

Just in case anyone is interested in seeing the pictures of the crazy things we see at the apartment, involving Natasha's crazy neighbors, check out the pictures below! If you have no idea of what we are talking about, make sure you listen to episode 31 for the story!

Crazy Neighbor 1.jpg
Crazy Neighbor 2.jpg
Vaux W. Adams
Early Episodes on Youtube!

I wrote yesterday that our episodes are not on Youtube! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that if you are subscribed to us and have the bell on to get notifications when we post new episodes, you will be able to listen to some episodes early.

It takes a little bit of time to mix down the show into a video for youtube and it also takes time to upload them. That being said I want to try and get that done on sunday to prevent those who start listening on Youtube from getting the show later than others. So episode 3 will be up today and will be available everywhere else tomorrow tomorrow!


Vaux W. Adams

So as mentioned on the show, Natasha and I have been packing and preparing to move into a house. That being said, I have been slacking a bit and apologize for those who rather listen to the show on youtube. But if you're reading this I would like to let you know that you can now listen to all the episodes from 28 on! Just head over to our youtube, subscribe, hit the bell to be notified when we upload new episodes, like every video, comment on every video and most importantly SHARE every video. Link is below!




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All links to find us!

Good news! All of the links to the most common places to find us at are on the about page! Everything from Facebook to Patreon. Be sure to head over there and check them out!

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Listening on iTunes

I just realized, for those of you who are reading on iTunes, some of the episode's descriptions are not showing up! Not sure why this is happening but I am going to try and fix that and make sure it stays fixed for future episodes!


Vaux W. Adams
First blog post?

Hi everyone!

First I just want to say thanks for clicking around on the website more than once to get to this page from the "listen" page... I know you were there before here right?

This isn't technically the first blog post, but unfortunately for you this will be the first you see from now on.

I had others posted here but there was a issue with the sizing of pictures and stuff that was attached, so I just decided to scrap them and start over.

I want to start posting here on a regular to help drive traffic to the site or at least attempt to. As of today, which is the 6th of July 2018, I have been chugging away at getting more youtube videos together so that we can start to grow that side of the audience as well.

For those who are a long time listener, all 25 shows at this point, I know you are probably sick of hearing that. But I really would like to grow more as we enter the second half of the year that we are doing this. We have people literally giving us money and I feel like there should be more than the website to listen to the show. So I will hopefully be pushing for the project to get done by the end of summer and keep up with it as well.

Speaking of the advertising side of things, we are looking for people to help us in anyway possible to continue to grow.

1. Checking out our Facebook page

2. Leaving us a review on either Facebook or Itunes

3. Becoming a Patron on our Patreon

I also want to be clear about the patreon thing. We will be using any money that we gather from that to help either get new equipment or run advertisements on Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Last but not least, if you are a business owner and would be willing to support a small but growing podcast, you should shoot us a email at and we can talk from there. Anything helps, even just a like on the Facebook!

We have lots planned still, thank you for the support.


Vaux W. Adams